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Fri, 30 Aug 2013 12:32:38 GMT

This week I have mostly:

Knocked up a forum ("gathering")

It is a simple clone of hacker news, storing things in Redis.

None of the aging though, entries are first->last and my tagging support is basic.

I'm in two minds about releasing it. I'm in three minds about deploying it at the location I'd written it for - - since there's nothing worse than a forum with no posts, unless it is a forum that used to be popular and is now a wasteland, or circlejerk. (c.f. slashdot. ahem.)

Updated Slaugther

I found a hidden dependency when installing a new slaughter controlled host.

A new release is imminent.

Setup a remote host for backups

Using BigV I configured a system with LUKS-encrypted disks to act as a "remote dropbox" via git-annex, and rsync.

An encrypted volume is manually mounted post-boot. It stays mounted (oops that's bad) but provides security when the guest is offline, or has been retired.

Wrestled with Graphite

Because damn that software is hard to install.

Turned down two weddings

Because I will never shoot a wedding again. And if I did I'd not do it for free for "exposure".

Merged my (digital) music archive with that belonging to my partner

Which took more discussion than a) moving in together, or b) opening a shared bank account.

Secretly decided I do like my kindle

Even though I bought two books from a charity shop tonight I'm almost certainly going to file them away and look for the epub online instead.

He fought with the goblins! He battled the trolls! He riddled with Gollum! The magic ring he stole!

This weekend I'll be mostly offline. Saturating my home broadband while I sync backups.



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[gravitar] Jim

Submitted at 15:43:18 on 26 August 2013

Google Alerts can be helpful for finding when your projects get mentioned somewhere new.

[gravitar] Felix

Submitted at 15:44:10 on 26 August 2013

I think is to blame. At least this is why I finally remember to set a star.

[gravitar] someone

Submitted at 17:39:06 on 26 August 2013

On static pages, you can inser javascript, pixel, http, or dns based analytics on your own.

About the stars... don't care too much for those things. Actually the "social" coding is more about people which comments something, fork-edit-pull, issue, or interact in more useful ways.


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