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If this post is visible I should have migrated the following virtual machines to a new home:

  • - SMTP, IMAP, & etc.
  • - And N other hosts.
  • - Offsite backups for local people.

These previously existed on a machine at Bytemark, running under screen and KVM. Now they exist upon a different Bytemark-rented host.

TODO: Move, configure an auto-builder guest (I have a slaughter policy for that), and allocate a /48 so that I regain IPv6 support (/56 would do, I guess. I want a /64 for each guest.).

Comments On This Entry

  1. [gravitar] Nux

    Any reason you need SO MANY addresses per guest? A /123 or /124 should be quite adequate in "most" cases..

  2. [author] Steve Kemp

    I've never routed anything smaller than a /64 in IPv6-land.

    In terms of routing that's pretty much the standard, so you'll give a /48, or /57 to the host, and only route the /64s.