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And so it begins ...

1. This weekend I will apply to rejoin the Debian project, as a developer.

2. In the meantime I've been begun releasing some some code which powers the git-based DNS hosting site/service.

3. This is the end of my list.

4. I lied. This is the end of my list. Powers of two, baby.

Comments On This Entry

  1. [gravitar] Chris

    3 is totally a power of 2! 2 ** 1.58496250072116 is totally 3.

  2. [gravitar] Edward Betts

    Just out of interest, why did you leave Debian?

  3. [author] Steve Kemp

    Chris: Nice.

    Edward: Lack of time, mostly. Though some particularly epic mailing list wars killed my enthusiasm too, it has to be said.

    (I don't see the latter bothering me so much any more. I've successfully ready debian-devel for a few months now, and even the systemd trolling doesn't affect me.)

  4. [gravitar] Edward Betts

    I found a post that answers my question:

  5. [gravitar] Emmanuel Kasper

    Hello Steve ! I always appreciated your posts on planet debian, the work you did in debian administration website, and the useful xen-tools package. Welcome Back !

  6. [gravitar] Martin

    Welcome back, Steve!