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I was beaten to the punch, but felt nothing

A while back I mented github-backed DNS hosting.

Turns out does that already, and there is an interesting writeup on the design of something similar, from the same authors in 2009.

Fun to read.

In other news applying for jobs is a painful annoyance.

Should anybody wish to employ an Edinburgh-based system administrator, with a good Debian record, then please do shout at me. Remote work is an option, as is a local office, if you're nearby.

Now I need to go hide from the sun, lest I get burned again...

Good news? Going on holiday to Helsinki in a week or so, for Vappu. Anybody local who wants me should feel free to grab me, via the appropriate channels.

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  1. [gravitar] JeffEpler

    The "writeup of the design" link is not working due to a typo in the html. The intended URL seems to be

  2. [author] Steve Kemp

    Thanks for the correction; I've updated the link now.

  3. [gravitar] henkjan also does github-backed dns hosting

  4. [author] Steve Kemp

    Thanks for the link - Nice to see more unexpected uses of Lua out there!