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Let there be slaughter-documentation, and cake.

Tonight I've made a new release of my slaughter automation tool.

Recent emails lead me to believe I've now got two more users, so I hope they appreciate this:

That covers installation, setup, usage, and more. Took a while to write, but I actually enjoyed it. I'm sure further additions will be made going forward. Until them I'm going to call it a night and enjoy some delicious cake.

Comments On This Entry

  1. [gravitar] ThorstenS

    Hi Steve,
    wow - really nice work.
    I love slaughter because of its cfengine roots.

    I would love to see how to realize $CLASS.firstrun and $OS.laterun or such a thing like IfHasClass HardwareRaid do something...

    Best wishes

  2. [author] Steve Kemp

    I'm not sure about how "firstrun" would behave, but you could certainly already do conditional things for software-raid, or not:

    if ( $softwareraid )
       print "We have software-RAID\n";

    Hardware RAID handling is missing, but patches to Slaughter::Info::linux are welcome - and there is a TODO noted there for 3Ware/HPRaid card detection.