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Manni - you're not dead yet.

Wed, 18 Jun 2008 12:32:38 GMT

Well I'm back and ready to do some fun work.

In the meantime it seems that at least one of my crash-fixes, from the prior public bugfixing, has been uploaded:

I'm still a little bit frustrated that some of the other patches I made (to different packages) were ignored, but I guess I shouldn't be too worried. They'll get fixed sooner or later regardless of whether it was "my" fix.

In other news I've been stalling a little on the Debian Administration website.

There are a couple of reasonable articles in the submissions queue - but nothing really special. I can't help thinking that the next article being a nice round number of 600 deserves something good/special/unique? hard to quantify, but definitely something I'm thinking. I guess I leave it while the weekend and if nothing presents itself I'll just go dequeue the pending pieces.

In other news I've managed to migrate the mail scanning service into a nicely split architecture - with minimal downtime.

I'm pleased that:

  • The architecture was changed massively from a single-machine orientated service to a trivially scalable one - and that this was essentially seamless.
  • My test cases really worked.
  • I've switched from being "toy" to being "small".
  • I've even pulled in a couple of new users.

Probably more changes to come once I've had a rest (but I guess I write about that elsewhere; because otherwise people get bored!).

The most obvious change to consider is to allow almost "instant-activation". I dislike having to manually approve and setup new domains, even if it does boil down to clicking a button on a webpage - so I'm thinking I should have a system in place such that you can sign up, add your domain, and be good to go without manual involvement. (Once DNS has propogated, obviously!)

Anyway enough writing. Ice-cream calls, and then I must see if more bugs have been reported against my packages...

ObQuote: Run Lola Run.



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[gravitar] Ondrej

Submitted at 20:59:22 on 21 May 2008

Hi Steve, please keep doing the Debian Administration, I found a lot of interesting info on that site (through google usually). I don't post comments, because I have no time nor motivation for that.
[gravitar] Tiago Faria

Submitted at 23:05:07 on 21 May 2008

Hi Steve,
TRY to ignore the comments made by trolls. I know it can be hard, but when you have a site like, with a great community behind it, how can an opinion/comment made by a troll make you feel bad?
You've done a great work to the Debian community, and is a tiny example of that.
There will always be assholes everywhere we go, we just can't give them any credit.
Keep up the good work!


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