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Fri, 25 Jan 2008 12:32:38 GMT

This week has mostly involved me getting my live mail filtering site up and running with a guineapig or two.

This uses a custom user interface to allow users to manage the filtering settings for an entire domain:

  • spam filtering.
  • virus scanning.
  • greylisting.
  • sender/recipient whitelisting.
  • DNS-based blacklists

In terms of implementation this is an SMTP proxy which is built upon the qpsmtpd framework. I've got both the user interface and a collection of plugins reading all data from an MySQL database.

The practical upshot is that if you use the service you'll get less spam, and anything that has been rejected will appear in an online browsable quarantine for a period of times allowing you to view mistakes/rejected mails.

Any mail you didn't want, providing you've got the spam-filtering plugin enabled for your domain, you may send back to be trained as spam.

It scales nicely, doesn't appear to have lost any mail ever in real-world testing, and could be useful.



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[gravitar] Erik Johansson

Submitted at 10:42:17 on 17 January 2008

You can use javascript to configure proxy settings in a browser. I never finnished this so I don't know if it works properly, but I think you can find out..

function FindProxyForURL(url, host){ var proxy= new Array(); proxy[""]="PROXY localhost:990"; proxy[""]="SOCKS localhost:991"; proxy[""]="DIRECT"; connection_method=proxy[host]; if(connection_method == null) { return("DIRECT"); }else{ return(connection_method); } }
[gravitar] James

Submitted at 16:27:20 on 17 January 2008

Create yourself a proxy autoconfig file? It uses javascript to match on URLs so should meet your needs.
[gravitar] Alex

Submitted at 18:23:08 on 17 January 2008

All of the previous comments assume Mozilla Firefox, it'd be nice to see a solution that's browser independent and could also work with stuff like 'wget' :)
[gravitar] Vladimir Penov

Submitted at 19:25:00 on 17 January 2008

If you want it only for browsing using Firefox - FoxyProxy works great.
[gravitar] Anonymous

Submitted at 01:43:06 on 18 January 2008

Why would you not want SSL traffic going over Tor? That seems like exactly the kind of traffic you should route over Tor.
[gravitar] Sam

Submitted at 10:42:52 on 20 January 2008

Sorry, my English is bad. I think this solution breaks privacy! For example: HTML-page contains links to another hosts (counters, ADs, images, js, css, php, etc.) Your traffic to these hosts going NOT over Tor! Somebody analyses logs of these hosts and ascertains your IP and more.
[gravitar] Erik Johansson

Submitted at 11:57:50 on 20 January 2008

Alex, AFAIK there is no way to handle wget, curl or apt privoxy is the only way then because you can just set http_proxy enviroment.


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