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So I have a new bathroom

The work on my bathroom is complete. The two weeks of noise and mess were well worth it.

The old and unpleasant room is now completely different. The only issue I see is that I've managed to fill up the storage already.

I'm particularly impressed with the sink, but special mention must go to the step, and the light switch (this is touch-sensitive and apparently incapable of electrocuting me).

Rest assured that despite all the changes none of my dinosaurs are missing!

Oh well I can always mount a new shelf, or three.

ObQuote: - "Tell me of your homeworld, Usul.", Dune.

Comments On This Entry

  1. [gravitar] john

    Very nice! Although, this post makes me a little sad because we just had our bathroom redone, and it looks remarkably like "old and unpleasant".

  2. [gravitar] Faidon Liambotis

    You replaced a bathtub with a shower?!

  3. [author] Steve Kemp

    The "old and unpleasant" description is a little unfair, but it wasn't really well suited to me.

    Minor irritations like the sink overhanging the edge of the bath meant I rarely used the bath - because I kept hitting my head!

    As for replacing the tub with a shower that has been a goal for years. I significantly prefer showers.

  4. [gravitar] Tiago

    Is the toilet tank built inside the wall? How do you manage to access it in case of malfunction? Thanks in advance.

  5. [author] Steve Kemp

    The tank is just behind the flushing controls and can be accessed if necessary by removing them.

  6. [gravitar] Jon

    Look great! Enjoy!

  7. [gravitar] Marek

    Glad to hear none of the dinosaurs escaped. The last thing Edinburgh needs is Jeff Goldblum running around talking about fractals!

  8. [gravitar] risca

    but the bidet seem to be still missing...