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So I have a new camera. Again.

Sun, 25 Mar 2012 12:32:38 GMT

Until recently I've had a Canon EOS 1000D, my starter-camera, and a Canon EOS 40D which is my real-camera.

The 40D is older, but it probably counts as a "semi-pro" body, albeit an old mid-range one. From an image size point of view there isn't too much to tell them apart - both produce 10MP images. But from a hardware and ease of use sense the 40D has several key features which made it a compelling upgrade:

  • Dual controls. So we can use one wheel for shutter speed, and one for aperture size.
  • Better feeling body, which is slightly larger and more solid.
  • Top display for instantly obvious settings.

Anyway both these cameras have been my friends for the past year or two, although I did buy a toy camera for those times when I didn't want to carry the DLSR around.

I've made sure I only bought "posh" lens, including the fabulous and horrifically expensive 70-200 f/2.8 MK 2 lens (Just short of £2000) and I'd been wanting to use those on a full-frame camera.

Now it is upgrade time once more and I've just bought the EOS 5D MK II - a full-frame camera which means I don't have to worry about crop-factors any more.

So far I've only had it a couple of days but I'm in love. The output images are 21MP so I get far fewer to a (CF) card. But the detail is sublime.

Future portraits and photos of people will be wonderful - although I hope they already are to a large degree!

This upgrade was a hard choice. The 5D is a full-frame, but a little slow. (Faster than my 40D by a hairs-bredth) The alternative would have been a 7D which is fast, and wonderful, but still uses a cropped sensor. Given that I have fast lenses and don't do sports (often) the 5D seemed like the sanest approach.

For my reference - my Canon serial numbers:

EOS 1000D1780312242
EOS 40D1230734041
EOS 5D MK II4131916951

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[gravitar] rjc

Submitted at 13:56:09 on 10 March 2012

Regarding window managers - I tried different types of WMs a couple of years ago and very much liked the tiling ones. I used several of them and eventually ended up using "awesome".

Apart from tiling (obviously) you can still have your floating windows if you like, it supports multiple screens (you'll love "Mod + Control + j/k" and "Mod4 + o"), has tags, notification area if you need it (hadn't used it much in the past but can be very useful), etc.

I started using it on my iBook where speed (1.33GHz G4), size (10") and resolution (1024×768) are on the lower end. With "luakit", "uzbl" (still can't make up my mind) and "rxvt-unicode" (with tabs) I hardly ever use the trackpad.
I used it on a high end machines as well where it's even better.

Low on resources (speed) + keyboard driven (productivity) + no mouse needed (kinder to your wrists, i.e. "RSI").

Hadn't looked back since.

[gravitar] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 14:02:26 on 10 March 2012

Thanks for the comment - I suspect you're right, and that I would love it.

For the moment I've chosen bluetile partly as is pretty flexible (without requiring any significant setup) and integrates well with my GNOME desktop.

Once I've had a couple of weeks/months using this successfully I'll look at alternatives, and I think awesome is probably the most obvious choice.

[gravitar] Jon

Submitted at 22:29:45 on 11 March 2012

Regarding CTIMEs etc.: I've had the exact same problem with ikiwiki (really, with git) in the past, too. I solved it by writing a script which set explicit ikiwiki metadata (equivalent to your Date: header) based on the initial commit time for each file, and the last commit to touch each file.

Thinking about it now, an ikiwiki plugin could probably just make it check those at build time. I suspect a chronicle plugin could do the same :)

[gravitar] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 22:35:44 on 11 March 2012

Thanks for the tip, having a quick search there are a couple of extensions for mercurial which record timestamps in the repository in some fashion.

I shall investigate, but I guess now I've resolved the original problem...


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