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Mon, 26 Dec 2011 12:32:39 GMT

Over the Christmas period I've not been doing too much.

December was a month that started out pretty well, in the first 10 days I had five models/friends/random-folk come to pose for me. (I have a few folk lined up for mid-January, but things tailed off quickly this month due to people having little free time).

I spent a while mulling over what I was doing with images, as I've recently been doing a fair number of more NSFW images - In December this and this were my two favourite shots.

I've posted NSFW images in various places over the past year (with permission; some volunteers/victims/friends don't want me to share anything, so I don't. They just hang on my walls.) but I was never consistent.

Anyway I realised that .xxx domains are now available, so I figured I'd snarf one up and use that. That lead to - which is mostly full of images I didn't actually take, but that will change. (Sadly "artistic" was gone!)

In more on-topic news I reported #651896 - a trivial security issue in another setgid(games) binary. I've got a couple more of those to tidy up and report in the near future.

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[gravitar] Bob Proulx

Submitted at 07:07:38 on 4 December 2011

Are you familiar with 'deborphan' and 'orphaner'? I find them useful tools for machine cleaning efforts. I also set
Recommends-Important="false" to avoid gratuitous recommends being pulled in too.

[gravitar] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 10:49:11 on 4 December 2011

I'm familiar with deborphan, but in this case it doesn't help - because deborphan largely removes libraries and not daemons such as dbus.

It is interesting to see the difference here though:

steve@steve:~$ deborphan 
steve@steve:~$ deborphan  --guess-all | wc -l

When invoked with --guess-all it lists such things as libcgi-application-plugins-perl - which I know I need, but that isn't obvious because my web applications are home-grown and installed via fabric rather than Debian packages.

[gravitar] mirabilos

Submitted at 00:43:44 on 5 December 2011

I found dselect a nice tool for this.

For example, you would see that:

• [S]elect, hit space, o, o, I
• move to python2.6-minimal
• hit _ to schedule it for purging
⇒ oops… (hit space)
• press R to reject the change (but keep all others you did!)

This is interactive dependency resolution at its best.
You just mark some for purging, and every time you hit
something you now realise you’d better keep, just press
R and Enter. If you’d like to remove it but define some
different alternatives, e.g. when purging exim4 you need
an MTA and don’t like the default choice, press D, move
to sendmail-bin, press + and Enter.

This is especially useful to clean old lib*-perl clutter
and the likes.

[gravitar] Guillaume

Submitted at 03:42:45 on 5 December 2011

What about something like this?

aptitude markauto '~i!~M!~nbuild-essential(~E|~prequired|~sdevel|~sinterpreters|~slibdevel|~slibs|~soldlibs|~sperl|~spython|~sshells)'

[gravitar] cstamas

Submitted at 08:16:57 on 5 December 2011

For node-reverse-proxy it seems you are missing an exec statement in its run file.

[gravitar] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 11:14:55 on 5 December 2011

cstamas - Good catch! You were right.

For everybody else, thanks for the tips. I tend to be more manual and just look at package names beneath /usr/share/doc and remove things I "know" I don't need.


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