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There must be a name for bugs you only find post-release

This week I made two releases of my mail client. Immediately after both releases I found bugs. Despite having been using the github source tree on my box for reading mail for days.

There must be a name for bugs that come up immediately after you've just made a release.

I'm torn between wanting to make a new release right now to fix the thing I spotted, or wait a few more days to fix a few other niggles.

Still I did write some cool code today:

  1. If a mail is received on the list
  2. And the package in the Subject: is not installed on the current machine.
  3. The mail is marked as read.

Sure this means that a package on my webserver won't be visible to me, but my upgrade tool will see that. It just decreases the odds I read about an update that doesn't apply to me.

ObQuote: "don't pay heed to temptation
for his hands are so cold"

Comments On This Entry

  1. [gravitar] KiBi

    Beware of source package vs. binary package(s)!

  2. [gravitar] jasonq

    I've been calling them gremlins for at least 25 years!

  3. [gravitar] Anonymous

    It's called a "brown paper bag bug".

  4. [gravitar] Stereo

    Banana bugs, because they only ripen when the final customer gets them? See also: banana software.