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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

There are few programs I use with so much combined love & loathing than GNU screen.

Yesterday I spent a while adding another feature I've been wanting for so long, the unbindall primitive.

In many cases I find myself using screen as a wrapper around other things. But usually I end up having to disable dangerous keybindings, to gain security or to protect users from themselves.

Typically this leads to a screenrc file looking like this:

#  Disable these bindings.
bind :
bind s
bind S
bind Z
bind ^\
bind c
bind ^c
bind z
bind Z
bind B

Instead it would be better if I could just say:

#  Unbind *all* keystrokes

#  Restore actions we need/want/love.
bind x quit
bind d detach
bind c screen

Anyway, thanks to a small patch I can now.

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